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Argentine-Australian outfit The Maggie Pills share a dystopian lo-fi fantasy: A magical critic to capitalism, the resilience of the lower class and the surviving struggle in modern slavery system with single ‘City Rats’

“Singing about what you believe in, making music that feels vital to you, is of paramount importance to authentic punks like The Maggie Pills, whether it’s happening in Mexico City or Melbourne”
– Rolling Stone

“There is literally nothing on the face of the earth like The Maggie Pills… a testament to the idea that neither the sprawl of oceans nor the solitude of lockdowns aren’t enough to keep the likeminded apart”
– Blunt

“The Maggie Pills are a force to be reckoned with”
– Ash McGregor, triple j

Today, Argentine-Australian punk outfit The Maggie Pills return with the potent new single ‘City Rats’ – a noise-pop song inspired by the adaptability of rats and their chances of survival in the most unthinkable environments. In addition to the track, the band has also offered up a new clip from The Maggie Pills’ visual heartbeat, Triana Hernandez.

A showcase of extreme percussion patterns, unorthodox rhythmic breaks, playful and minimalist imagery of rats scavenging for food around the city, ‘City Rats’ is the forth single lifted from The Maggie Pills’ debut album, Hope is a Risk, and marks another bold social-dissection from the Melbourne based punk outfit.

Written during the lockdowns as Sorondo and Perez spent a lot of time walking through the streets of Melbourne wondering how they would financially survive the pandemic in an unknown city, this raw opener serves as a short but punchy microcosm of the full LP.

“The city rats made me think about how perhaps sometimes having less makes you more flexible and thereby increases your chances of survival. Rats will live forever and outlive everything because they are extremely adaptable“ – Sorondo.

Accompanying the new single is the critical/melancholic, lo-fi joyride directed by Peruvian-Australian director Triana Hernandez.

“This video is an ode to lo-fi fantasy, $2 shop magic and rats as spirit animals. After various high production music videos with the band, it felt right to make this video almost as a statement, as if to say that magic can never be limited by budget.” Triana says.

Hope is a Risk is the mighty debut release from The Maggie Pills, an outfit whose founding members, Argentinian frontwoman Delfi Sorondo and Venezuelan drummer Mario Perez, formed shortly after migrating to Australia.

Mastered by legendary sound engineer Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Courtney Barnett), and filled with compelling Latin percussions, razor-sharp guitars, fuzzy bass lines, unhinged synths, and gestural vocals, Hope is a Risk masters the intersections between intuitive and mathematical, grunge and pop, gothic and colourful.

“The band was born out of necessity for myself and Delfi to unleash all the feelings we went through when we migrated to Australia but suddenly found ourselves alone in the middle of a global pandemic and the world was falling apart” reflects Perez.

These intimate experiences give profound authenticity to Hope is a Risk as the personal becomes political throughout the album’s themes on global politics. Yet there’s a constant sense of finding resolution amidst the turmoil, with each track providing a carefully curated amount of unhinged catharsis, tension and release as well as a sense of being at peace with itself.

Its own anger constantly seeks light through pop tones, guitar-hero landscapes, and imaginatively built universes inspired by the otherworldly, western films, sci-fi, and William Blake levels of poetic ponderings. After all, The Maggie Pills migrated to Melbourne to take a leap of faith across the pacific ocean and chase their artistic dreams.

“I think this is why the songs we play carry a lot of wrath but also beautiful feelings, because we had to force ourselves to feel hope for our dreams” says Perez.

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